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Wednesday June 20th, 2007

24/7 Support

he key to our success is a commitment to successful partnerships.  By integrating your experience with our expertise we can build both computing solutions and a relationship that will last many years.  

Home and Small Office Networks

Home networks are making use of sophisticated new technologies to stay more secure and well connected than ever before.  Firewalls, routers, spyware and virus detection, mixed with wireless devices can make a daunting environment.  Why not let the professionals manage it?  Las Vegas Data provides low up front pricing so you will never be surprised.

Network Administration

Offices networks might have wonderful tools but if they lack day to day administration, they could be missing many of the benefits provided by those tools.  Las Vegas Data has a remedy for that.  We can manage your network with as few as one visit per month, keeping all machines up to date and their services running at peak performance for a minimal monthly charge.